Our story

Here is our story of how it all have started. We believe that when you know our story and you know how we work, it's going to make our cooperation way easier. We have nothing to hide from you. Let's have a look on how our story began.

September 2012

Successful project

During our highschool studies we started a successful project for students called Ucseonline.cz. At that time a group of young enthusiasts got together and decided to start an IT company. We wanted to make software with a modern design for clients, so that they could thrive in their businesses.

June 2013

Foundation of Thimble agency

As a young excited team we have founded this company and started developing successful websites for our clients. It was tough and our competition was high, but with our great attitude we have made it happen. Now we are developing large scale projects for big companies.

February 2014

We won a Junior Internet competition

After a hard work and dedication we were rewarded. We won with our project ucseonline.cz in a prestige competition Junior Internet. At this point we have became proffesionals and started work harder than before so we could make our company even bigger.

March 2016

New office in London

After a very successful year 2015, we decided to extend our young and dynamic team with 3 new members and open a new office in London.

October 2017

The New World challenge

We think big. With our successes in Czech republic and London we decided to take a big step forward and we are proud to announce that we have expanded into United States of America.

Our young and creative team that is avaliable to you 24/7

Our team is a group of young friendly proffesionals. If you have any question, or you just want our consultation, please, just contact us.

Team Member
Jakub Schinko
U.S branch co-founder
Team Member
Michal Weiss
U.S. branch co-founder
Team Member
Brandon Mays
Sales manager
Team Member
Jan Decker
CEO | UX Web designer
Team Member
Lukáš Hotový
Front-end developer
Team Member
Dario Kolár
Back-end Developer
Team Member
David Reinberger
Front-end Developer
Team Member
Jakub Decker
Sales Manager
Team Member
Jan Šmerhovský
Sales Manager (UK)
Team Member
Tomáš Roztočil